ATA KERİM CANSEVER (Head of Board Member)

Ata Kerim Cansever has his BS degree in Glass and Ceramics Foreign Trade in İstanbul University (1995). In 1986, he started his carrier as customs employee in Ece Customs Brokerage Company. He worked respectively as an operation chief, depuity manager and coordinator. In1994, he worked as a General Manager in Tümsan Customs Brokerage Company, one of the leading companies of its sector. Between 1999 and 2010, he worked as a Board Member. In 2007, he established Mavi Logistics company, determined to be experts in medical warehouse and storage facilities, logistics and operation services. In 2011,he established AKC Customs Brokerage Company which he is acting as Head of Board Member.


Yonca DİZMAN TÜLEK had her BS degree in Environmental Engineering Marmara University Faculty of Engineering in English (1995) In 1995, she started her Professional carrier in İ.M.E.C.E International Environmental Technologies and Consultancy firm as an engineer responsible for the preparation of tender documents of the World Bank credit environmental projects. In 1999 she worked as manager responsible for production planning and logistics in Penta Industrial Electrostatic Powder Coating Company. In 2002, she started in Kanbur Construction Company as Purchasing and Procurement Manager and worked for 10 years. In February 2012 she joined MAVİ Lojistik as Partner .