Pharma sector, all over the world, is focusing more and more, on regulatory requirements to meet while handling, storing and distributing temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, to ensure that the quality and efficacy of the products will not be compromised

There is an increased importance of pharmaceutical cold chain management as a result of changing product portfolio, where bio-pharmaceuticals are more and more intense in future pipelines due to their ability in preventive therapy and the price advantages against generics

Reference to WHO, FDA, US Pharmacopeia, Health Canada and European Union guidelines, two summary statement can be outlined, they are:

1- “ In order to maintain the original quality, every distribution of pharmaceutical products should be carried out according to the principals of GMP, GSP and GDP (Good Distribution Practices)”

2- “Where special temperature and humidity conditions are required during transit, these should be provided, checked, monitored and recorded”

With all these above fact in hand, our goal is to provide to the Pharmaceutical Sector, a compliant, safe and monitored cold chain transportation while ensuring our customers of this operation shall be carried out without any harm to the quality, efficacy and integrity of their products.

We will do it via;

Refrigerated, validated and calibrated vehicles

A user friendly monitoring and recording system

Well trained drivers and loading personnel

A well designed operation accompanied by a strong SOP

High dedication, focus and motivation

Specialization on cold chain

This unique and revolutionary cold chain pharmaceutical transportation service that we initiate, is the first and the only in Turkey so far.

We are planning to initiate this model and introduce Turkey with a much safer and in time cheaper distribution model. Currently we are about to complete our test distributions of which we have been doing fort he last 24 months. We are planning to start with two multinational pharma companies both which are among the leaders and the drivers of the pharma sector.

We currently have seven (7) Renault Master vehicles, equipped with a solid isolation and a well built climatization system. We can follow and monitor the temperature, humidity, speed and location of these vehicles with the help of a remote monitoring GPS system.

We are validating and calibrating these vehicles through a certified independent firm called ICCE, in every season changes (winter/summer) at least 2 times a year. This company, prepares a detailed report based on the data gathered during the 8 hours testing of the vehicles and the climatization capabilities under different conditions and simulations.