One of the important and critical processes of medical sector is the transport operation of all medical devices, instruments, equipment and supplies used in diagnostics and healthcare from the manufacturer to warehouses, dealers and sellers and finally to hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics being the end users.

It raises the importance and criticality of such transports that medical devices and equipment must be stored and transported in compliance with high standards of hygiene considering that they are mostly high value and fragile products as well as will be in direct contact with patients.

We, as Mavi Lojistik, successfully carried out many mass and single medical device and equipment transport projects thanks to our experience and specialization in storage and distribution of medical supplies.

We offer service with a team of specialists and full-fledged structure in transporting the following devices, equipment and supplies under the medical transport operations:

-Bed-side monitors, defibrillators
-Radiology equipment and supplies
-Cardiology equipment and supplies
-Operating Room equipment and supplies
-Chronic Wound care VAC devices, equipment and accessories
-Lead glass, chiller systems, power supplies, compressors

We established distribution networks in Istanbul and Ankara involving our self-owned vehicles and motorcycle couriers.

We provide distribution service throughout the entire country in association with the courier companies and carriers as our solution partners.

Our core principle in respect of distribution is to ensure arrival of goods at the delivery point quickly and securely under sanitary conditions.

Our most significant differences are the fast, flexible and accurate shipment planning, urban distribution-worthy vehicle structure and our well-trained and experienced personnel.